Chwar Chra Project in Sulaimani

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SCEC has been awarded to work on designing and constructing a hotel and office building in the center of the city of Sulaimani. The SCEC team has been performing preconstruction services on the project since the beginning of 2019.

Designed by SCEC, Hotel Chwar Chra will be constructed adjacent to the existing Hotel Ashty in Aqary. The new structure will replace the existing building that was used by shop owners and restaurants.

SCEC has first demolished the existing structures next to the existing shops. Because of high traffic and load of the street surrounding it, the construction of the building has to be done in two phases. First phase was to excavate the back end of the project about 10 meters and the foundation and three stories were built. Because of the traffic load on the main street that is adjacent to the project, it was crucial to construct the back end and then excavate the second half of the project. Afterwards, front section of the project was excavated and built accordingly.



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