Kana 1 in Sulaimani

  • TV-1
  • TV-2
  • TV-3
  • TV-4
  • TV-5
  • TV-6
  • TV-12
  • TV-11
  • TV-10
  • TV-9
  • TV-8
  • TV-7
  • TV-13

SCEC is happy to announce that starting January 2019, our company will work in the biggest and most advanced TV station in Kurdistan Region. Kanal 1 is a private TV station that is stationed in Sulaimani, Iraq. The TV station consists of 7 floors which hosts radio, tv news station, and entertainment shows.

“SCEC is proud to design the structure of the station and also construct the building.” said Soran Hadi, Sulaimani Branch General Manager. “Because of time constrains and other factors, we were able to work on this project non stop, even during the heavy snow and rain.”

It is expected the project to be completed at the end of 2019 and functional in 2020. SCEC is working in coordination with designers and engineers all around Middle East and Europe to successfully deliver this project.

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